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Create a Healthy Environment Through Immunizations

Welcome to our child care provider page.

We know there are many questions that you and your parents may have when it comes to childhood immunizations. Our site is here as a resources that can assist you and your center with up to date immunization information and also the latest updates on ASIIS (Arizona State Immunization Information System) and the child care module. The site is also a great resource to offer to parents if they have questions about immunizations for their children and other family members.

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Training Opportunities


Maricopa County Community-Based Training Calendar – Click here for a list of child care trainings offered through Child Care Health Consultation. Meals and training hours are provided at no cost to participants. Tdap and influenza (flu) vaccine provided free on a first-come-first -serve basis.


First Things First has an excellent website filled with resources. Visit for more information.


Early Childhood Quarterly publication offers information about trainings for child care workers around the state.  ASCC  hosts the annual Celebrate the Young Child Conference and other ongoing training opportunities for centers and in home care. Find more information out here.


Mesa Community College Educators Academy workshops are offered for FREE and help improve educational opportunities for preschool and school age children as well as inspire greater enthusiasm for teaching. Call 480-788-0494 or register online at


Let Immunizations Grow With Your Children…..Encourage Vaccination At Every Life Stage.

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