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TAPI will post monthly Tips for ASIIS to help you better utilize the system. If you are currently enrolled in ASIIS, please consider enrolling in the Child Care Module (CCM) in 2014. The CCM offers you the ability to run monthly immunziation reports and letters and offers classroom management.

Tips to Remember when using ASIIS

* When searching for a child in ASIIS ALWAYS use their DOB (date of birth) and their first and last initial followed by the % sign (ie: Karin Szymanski = K% S%). This will give you the best match options.

* If your password is expired at login you can request a new password directly from ASIIS. Just provide them with a valid email to send the temporary password to. Please understand that passwords need to be reset from time to time in order to keep ASIIS secure.

* Visit the ADHS-ASIIS page with questions.

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