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Days are busy at a child care center and as a child care director or classroom teacher, we know your most important job is to keep the kids safe. A healthy, disease free environment for the children is part of a safe environment. We all know that our littlest community members are our biggest germ spreaders. They explore their new world with stretched out hands and often open mouths! Vaccine preventable diseases are germs that you can keep out of your center with high immunization coverage rates for your children and also yourself and your staff.

For Staff Members

Vaccines are not just for the kids. A vaccinated staff member means not only will they not bring the disease to your center but they also will not bring it home to their family. Healthy employees are happy employees! Staff should receive the below listed vaccinations.

  • Annual flu shot
  • Tdap vaccine – one time booster dose (tetanus, diptheria and pertussis)

For Centers

We understand that many parents have questions regarding immunizations – the schedule, the vaccine ingredients, the number of doses, safety questions, and the list continues. This site is here to provide you with resources and hopefully some answers to the hard questions, all based on the science of immunizations.
Below you will find the most helpful resources for parents regarding immunizations. You can also visit our Free Materials Page and either download or order additional flyers for your center. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, you can browse our Frequently Asked Questions or Ask the Expert and one of our medical providers will respond to your question.

Childhood Immunization

Bilingual (PDF)

Too Many Vaccines?

too many vaccines

English (PDF)

Child Care Immunization

immunization requirements

Requirements (PDF)

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