Arizona Vaccine Financing

There have been significant changes to Federal vaccine budgets and policies for Vaccines for Children vaccine use.   ADHS is working diligently to implement the changes but almost every aspect of vaccine distribution or tracking has been impacted. It will take some time to smooth out the kinks and develop new systems. Below you will find resources regarding the changes in vaccine funding and tracking. Please contact us with any questions.

Here are the changes in a nutshell:

  • Vaccine for Children vaccine may not be used for privately insured kids in any setting (since Oct 1, 2012). Kids with a high deductible are considered fully insured.
  • Under VFC guidelines only community health centers or their delegates can use VFC vaccine for underinsured kids. Blanket deputization agreements that deputize all VFC providers as health center delegates for vaccine delivery are no longer allowed since 12.31.12. Currently only a select few sites are approved by the CDC. To see this state-wide list click here.
  • Dose by Dose accountability will require that each VFC vaccine is tracked by lot number to the patient’s eligibility. VFC inventory will have to be reconciled in ASIIS before providers can receive more VFC vaccine.
  • VFC vaccine can only be used on Uninsured, Native American and AHCCCS kids.
  • For a step by step guide for handling UNDERinsured patients, click here.

Important Vaccine Funding Information and Resources

UNDERinsured Guidelines

ADHS logo

ADHS Release
Effective July 1, 2013
New VFC guidleines for UNDERinsured Children

Download (PDF)

ADHS – VFC Vaccine Policy
Change Summaries

VFC Vaccine Policy

Download (PDF)

UNDERinsured Patient
Referral Form

referral form

Download (PDF)

Parent Reference

parent reference

Download (PDF)

Chart by Provider Type

provider reference

Download (PDF)

Chart by Insurance Type


Download (PDF)

Marketing Resources

Don’t Forget Your Insurance Card

insurance poster

Download (PDF)

VFC only Immunization Clinics

VFC poster

Download (PDF)

Vaccine Congress III Presentations

Vaccine Funding Changes in Public Health Patty Gast, ADHS

vaccine policy

Download (PDF)

Vaccines in County Health Departments Dr. Bob England, Maricopa County/ALHOA

dr bob

Download (PDF)

Billing in Public Health/Physician Surveys Jennifer Tinney, TAPI

jennifer tinney

Download (PDF)

Vaccine Congress III – Navigating Changes in Vaccine Funding

Proposed Solutions

proposed solutions

Download (PDF)

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