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Flu Update 10/23/18

Who Should Get a Flu Vaccine? 
The CDC recommends everyone 6 months of age and older to get a yearly flu vaccine. If you have questions about whether the flu vaccine is right for your patients, or family and even yourself, we encourage you to research the facts and utilize our resources for HCW.

The flu vaccine is a yearly vaccine to help you build immunity, each year, to the the active strains of influenza for the season. To learn more about the flu vaccine, what is happening with flu season this year and more visit What You Should Know for the 2018-2019 Influenza Season.

Where to go for your shots has information and resources for you to locate a vaccine for yourself and other family members. You can also call your doctor or visit your local pharmacy to see if they carry and cover the flu vaccine or other vaccines you may need.

Provider Resource Links -

ADHS influenza surveillance – click here

ACIP recommendations – click here

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Resources for Health Professionals – click here

Influenza Tool-Kit for Long term Care Employees – click here

Influenza Vaccination Information for Health Care Workers – click here

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Flyers and Posters available to order on the Free Materials Page – click here.

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