School-Aged Children (3-10 years)


Your child is headed to school! It might be their first preschool experience or maybe they are old pros in elementary school. A question all parents have is how did they grow up so fast? As they are growing, you can help them stay healthy with nutritious food, exercise and immunizations.  Below you will find information about school aged immunizations. Also, look at the school requirements and the childhood immunization schedule.

Immunizing your School Aged Child

Your child has received many vaccinations that have helped built their immunity to several diseases. As they enter school, many immunizations are required. Talk to your health care provider about what is recommended at your child’s age and also take a moment to make sure that their immunizations are up to date. No one likes a shot, and although they your child is now aware that a trip to the doctor may mean a shot, it is still hard. Remember, the shot only takes a moment, but the disease they are being protected against would be a lot more painful to them I the long run.

To prepare yourself

Tips that help your school aged child

  • Honesty: Be honest about upcoming shots. Don’t say there isn’t going to be a shot when there is going to be one.
  • Fast and Painless: Let your child know it is okay to cry, but encourage him/her to be brave. Try to not let you child stall as anxiety builds and can create more fear in your child
  • Deep Breath: Keep your cool. If you are stressed, your child will pick up on it.
  • Control: If it’s okay with your doctor, allow your child to choose the site for injection (left or right arm) to give your child a sense of control.
  • Distractions: for the younger ones consider bringing a favorite book or toy. For the older children, talk about their school day, a favorite movie or see if they can listen to their music.
  • Post-Shot Treats: If you promise a treat after the shot, make sure you deliver on the promise, no matter how bad it goes.
  • Remind them that the doctor or nurse gives shots “really fast”. Have them think about how fast it was the last time they had a shot.

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