What Are Whoopies?


Hi! Here’s the story of how Whoopies came to be:
While we were away at summer camp, we caught a bad cough. When we got home we went to the doctor, and she tested us for many things. Luckily, that including Pertussis, or Whooping Cough. Then we waited. Days went by, and we felt pretty good…except for when we coughed. It actually makes a whooping sound when trying to inhale. The cough was horrible!

After each coughing fit we were exhausted and had a sore throat. Pertussis, or Whooping Cough can only be detected if it is caught early in the first couple of weeks, and the test can take up to two more weeks to show a result. We were lucky that our test only took 8 days to show positive results. Home is where we had to stay for 5 days while we took our antibiotics. Whooping Cough is very contagious!

whoopie girls

Bottle cap crafts kept us very busy all those days we   were stuck in our home. We had so much fun creating all different kinds! That is how Whoopies were born, and now WE want to use them to remind YOU to keep up on your vaccines!

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