Training on Immunization Practice Strategies (TIPS)

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Rolling registration will begin on April 25, 2017

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TAPI, in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Health Services Immunization Program, presents free trainings that improve immunization practices in public and private providers’ offices. Participants receive valuable information on immunization friendly office practices, vaccine handling, state requirements, how to give shots and the state immunization registry.


This free training is based on the National Vaccine Advisory Committee Standards for Pediatric Immunization Practice.

 Who should attend this free training:

  1. VFC coordinators from provider offices that want to improve vaccine delivery systems and reduce vaccine wastage;
  2. Those who train/orient new staff; and
  3. Those who administer vaccines

This is a great opportunity for employees who may need training in these areas and for those offices who have been identified to need follow-up. Nurses, Medical Assistants and any essential personnel involved with vaccine delivery in your practice may also attend, including Physicians and Nurse Practitioners!

For questions regarding T.I.P.S., please contact 602-288-7568. We hope to see you next summer in 2017!


If you attended a TIPS 2016 Summer training and are looking to download the presentation packet please click here for FINAL Full Presentation 2016 for a PDF version.

To download your electronic copy of the binder given at T.I.P.S. trainings, click on each of the links below for a PDF formatt.

Section A Introduction

2_ Immunization Resources 2016 1_TAPI History 0_Table of Contents 5_Vaccine Safety Resources 4_CHD Contact List Introduction

Section B -Vaccine Overview

Section B Section B 2_Immunity 1_How Vaccination Helps 0_Table of Contents 10_Vaccinations for Adults 5_Top Ten Reasons to Protect Your Child

Section C – Immunization Schedules
0-7 – 6_Intervals Tips and Tools Section C 0-7 4_Decision not to Vaccinate 3_Childhood Immunization Schedule_How CDC Sets the Schedule 2_Avoid Missed Opportunities 1_Making Shots Count Shots Calendar for Counting Intervals 0_Table of Contents 7_Recommended and Minimum Ages and Intervals

8 – 8a-Vaccinations for Preteens and Teen, 11-19 years 8e_Summary of Recommendations for Child-Teen Immunization 8d_ When do Children and Teens Need Vaccinations 8c_Recommended Immunization Schedules for 0-18yrs 8b_Screening Checklist for Contraindications to Vaccines for Children and Teens

9 – 9 Adult Combined Schedule

9 a-e – 9a_Easy to Read Adult Schedule 9e_Screening for Contrainindications Adults (Spanish) 9d_Screening Checklist for Contraindications to Vaccines for Adults 9c_Adult Do I Need Vaccines 9b-Summary of Recommendations for Adult immunizations

10-11 11a_Pneumococcal Vaccine Recommendations_Children and Teens 10b_Meningococcal Vaccination Recommendations_by Age and or Risk Factor (B) 10a_Meningococcal Vaccination Recommendations_by Age and or Risk Factor (a,c,w,y) 11d_CDC PNEUMOCOCCAL VACCINATION RECOMMENDATIONS-algorithm 11c_PPV23-PCV13 11b_Pneumococcal Vaccine Recommendations for Children and Adults by Age and Risk Factor

12-13 13_Mexico Records 12_Healthcare Personnel Vaccinations

Section D – AZ Daycare and School Requirements

0-1b – 0_Table of Contents 1_Arizona Child Care and School Section Title Page 1a_AZ Childcare_ Preschool Immunization Requirements (English) 1b_AZ Childcare_ Preschool Immunization Requirements (Spanish)

Section E Vaccine Administration

0 – 0_Table of Contents
1-2 2_How to Administer Intradermal, Intranasal, and Oral Vaccinations(No Shot) 1_How to Administer IM and Subcutaneous Vaccine Injections

3-4 3-Screening for Contraindications in Children and Teens (Spanish) 4_Administering Vaccines to adults 3_How to Administer Intramuscular, Intradermal, and Intranasal Influenza Vaccines

5-6 – 6_Administering Vaccines-Dose, Route, Site, and Needle Size 5_Before you vaccinate adults, consider thier H-A-L-O

7-10 – 9_Infant Immunization Site Guide 10_Toddler Immunization Site Guide 7_Latex in Vaccine Packaging 8_Vaccines with diluents

11-15 – 12_Skills Checklist for Immunization 11_Child-Adult Immunization Site Guide 15_Vaers Reporting Form 14_Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System_VAERS_Table of Reportable Events Following Vaccination 13_Suggestions to Improve your Immunization Services

Section F – VFC and ASIIS

0 – 0_Vaccine Administration Reporting

1-4 – 1_Vaccine Management and VFC 4_Best Practices Freezer Temps 3_Fahrenheit-to-Celsius-Conversion-Chart 2_Vaccine Management Plan (2)

5-9 – 7_Best Practices Refrigerator Temps 8_CDC Temperature Excursion Checklist 9_ASIIS Section 5_2016 VFC Incident Report Form 6_VFC Provider checklist

10-12 – 11_ASIIS Reporting Requirements-Statute 12_ASIIS Reporting Requirements – Mandated Reports 10_ASIIS Confidentiality 11_ ASIIS Reporting Requirements_Status

Section G – Parent Education

0-5 – 3_Talking With ParentsAbout Vaccines for Infants 4 Choosing Not To Vaccinate – Risks and Responsibilities 5 Responding to Vaccine Hesitant Parents 0_Table of Contents 1 Vaccine Safety – Responding to Parents’ Top 10 Concerns 2 Clear Answers and Smart Advice about your Baby’s Shots

6-8 – 8 Mumps 6 Evaluating Immunization Information on the Internet 7 Measles

9 – 9 Whooping Cough

10 – 10_Immunization Schedule 0-6 English 10_Immunization Schedule 0-6 Spanish

11 – 11 _Immunization Schedule 7-18 English

11 – 11 _Immunization Schedule 7-18 Spanish (2015)

12-15 – 14_Infant Immunization – FAQs 15_Vaccine Safety – The Facts 12_Adult-schedule-easy-read (English) 12_Adult-schedule-easy-read (Spanish) 13_Immunization and Pregnancy Vaccines

16 – 16_Be There For Your Child During Shots

17-18 – 17_Childhood Immunization Schedule – Why is it Like That 18_Vaccine Safety Information – Resources

19 – 19 Cold Or Flu HAI bilingual 15-16

Section H – Best Practices

0 – 0_Table of Contents

1-4 – 4_Reimbursement Practices 1_Standards_for_Child and Adolescent Immunization Practice 2_Standards_for_Adult Immunization Practices 3_Daniel T Cloud 2016


0 – 0_TOC

A – A0_Label A1_CAIR Vaccine Acronyms and Abbreviations A1_ACIP Acronyms

B0-B7 – B0_Label B7_HIB B6_Hep-b B5_Hep-a B4_DTaP B3_Varicella-Chickenpox B2_Its Federal law B1_Your Child’s First Vaccines

B8-B11 – B8_hpv_gardasil_9 B11_mmrv B10_mmr B10_flu_live B9 flu_inactive B8-hpv_gardasil B8_hpv-cervarix

B12-21 – B12_meningococcal_mcv_mpsv B17_Rabies B16_Polio B21_tdap B20_Td B19_Shingles B18_rotavirus B15_Pneumococcal Polysaccharide PPVS B14_Pneumococcal Conjugate PCV13 B13_meningococcal_b

C – C1_Pandemic_influenza_plan C0_Label

Past 2016 T.I.P.S. Locations

(Included Complimentary breakfast and lunch)

Past 2016 Location of Trainings Training Dates Register
Sierra Vista - June 1 Sierra Vista
Tucson June 2 Tucson
Phoenix East Valley June 8 Phoenix East Valley
Mohave – Bullhead City June 22 Mohave/Bullhead City
Prescott June 23 Prescott
Page June 28 Page
Flagstaff June 29 Flagstaff
Show Low July13 Show Low
Phoenix West Valley July 27 Phoenix West

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