Pregnancy and Vaccines

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Did you know that a mother’s immunity is passed along to her baby during pregnancy? This protects the newborn baby for a few months of life until the baby can begin to receive his/her own immunizations. There are certain vaccines that are important to receive to not only protect you but also your baby.

Whether you are currently pregnant or planning a pregnancy, talk to your doctor or provider about vaccinations.
The chart below is an Immunizations and Pregnancy Chart that shows what immunizations are needed before, during and after pregnancy. Use this as a reference to start a discussion with your doctor.

Journey of Your Child's Vaccines

Immunizations Before, During & After Pregnancy

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Just as herd immunity can protect our community, cocooning protects your family, especially your baby. Many childhood vaccines are given in a number of doses, working to build the child immunity against a particular disease. While your baby is building his or her immunity, they are more vulnerable to vaccine preventable diseases.

In order to help protect your baby, make sure you are up-to-date on your vaccines and all your other family members. This includes your teenager, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle and close family friends. Don’t forget to also ask any caretaker, nanny or child care center staff if they are up to date with their vaccines! When people that are close to your baby are protected against vaccine preventable diseases, you are building a cocoon of protection around your baby.

Vaccines you should talk to your doctor or health care provider about getting while pregnant include:

  • Flu vaccine (yearly)
  • Tdap vaccine (with each pregnancy)

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